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Past Events Time Line:


2012 (May-June)

[Tour]: West USA and Canada

with Hamnavazan Ensemble


[Concert]:Santiago, Sweden

performing at the festival of Sacred sounds
Iman Vaziri (Tar)
Dara Afraz (Tombak)


[Concert]: Uppsala, Sweden

performing at the Uppsala Sacred Music Festival
Iman Vaziri (Tar), Dara Afraz (Tombak) & Ehsan Zabihifar (Kamancheh)


[Concert]: Lombrana, Santander, Spain (August 8th)

performing at the Santander International Festival
Iman Vaziri (Tar) & Dara Afraz (Tombak)


[Concert]: Asia Society, New York

performing at the Muslim Voices festival, Asia Society
Iman Vaziri (Tar), Dara Afraz (Tombak)


[Concert]: Paris, Rennes & Dusseldorf

Performing the expanded version of project Simplicity with the company of Kamancheh in Dusseldorf.
Iman Vaziri (Tar), Ali Rahimi (Tombak) and Ehsan Zabihifar (Kamancheh)


[Concert]: Italy + Spain

Florence (Italy): Festival MUSICA DEI PAPOLI
Barcelona (Spain): QADAR Festival

Performing the Album Simplicity + new 1 hour program


[Concert]: Brussels, BELGIUM: Female Voices Festival

Performing the Album Simplicity
with Iman Vaziri (Tar) and Ali Rahimi (Tombak)

Some Master Classed and Workshop were included in this Festival.


[Album Released]: SIMPLICITY |  Parissa & Iman Vaziri


[Concert]: Performing the Gol-e Behesht in the Fes Festival
Fes, Morroco
with Dastan Ensemble


[Tour]: USA & Canada, with Dastan Ensemble:

Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver,
New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Michigan/Ann Arbor,
Orange County, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego


[Concert]: Madrid, Spain
Performing album "Shoorideh" with Dastan Ensemble


[Album Released]: Gol-e Behesht | Parissa & Ensemble Dastan

- Europe Tour with Dastan Ensemble and joning the Tar & Setar Seminar in Nethersland.

Venice, Rome, Freiberg, Kِln, Oslo


[Concerts]: Europe Tour in Cities Berlin, Paris, London with Dastan Ensemble.

 2003 (Apr-Jun)

[Album Released]: Shoorideh | Parissa & Ensemble Dastan

[Tour]: Canda & USA, with Dastan Ensemble

Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Orange County, San Francisco, New York, New Haven, Washington D.C., Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta

 2002 (Oct-Dec)

[Tour]: Europe, with Dastan Ensemble:

Berlin (SFB Grosser Sendesaal), Hamburg (Musikhalle),
Kobenhavem (Amager Bio), Stockholm (Folkets Hus)
Goteborg (Universitet / Astisten), Helsingborg (Dunkers Kulturhus), Antwerpen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Oslo, Frankfurt (HR Sendesaal), Giessen (Kongresshalle), Munchen (Goethe Institute, Freiburg (Historisches Kaufuaus), London (Queen Elizabeth Hall), Koln, Heidelberg (Kongresshaus Stadthalle)

 2002 (Sep-Oct)

[Album Released]: Tale of Love II  |  Nava

[Tour]: USA, with Daryush Talai:

New York (Asia Society and Museum), Hawaii (Honolulu Academy of Arts), Berkley (First Congregational Church),
Los Angeles (Wadsworth theatre, Persian Arts Society)

 2002 (Jun-Jul)

[Festival]: The Silk Road, Washington D.C., USA
36th Annual Smithsonian Folk Life Festival

performing with Daryush Talai (Tar)
[ www.silkroadproject.org/smithsonian ]

 2001 (Nov)

[Concert]: Switzerland: Voix Sacrées du Monde, Lausanne
[ www.voixsacrees.ch ]
with Behdad Shahideh (Tar), Dara Afraz (Daf).

 2000 (Apr)

[Concert]: London: Queen Elizabeth Hall
with Behdad Shahideh (Tar) , and her son, Dara Afraz for the first time. He accompanied the group with Daf.

 1999 (Oct)

[Festival]:  "FestKoncert" of Munchen, Germany

 1999 (Aug)

[Album Released]: Tale of Love I  |  Esfahan

[Concert]: Voix d ete en Creuse, France, with Hossein Omoumi

 1999 (Feb)

[Tour]: Australia
Sydney (University of Macquarie), Melbourne (University of Latrobe), Adelaide (Theatre of Royal), Perte (University of Perte)


[Tour]: USA & Canada
with Hossein Omoumi (Ney), Pejman Haddadi (Tombak), Saam (Daf)

New York (Symphony Space), Philadelphia (Rosemont College, Lawrence Hall), Tampa (University of Southern Florida- Cooper’s Hall), Miami: Ash Auditorium (Hyatt Regency Hotel),
Washington DC (George Washington University Lisner Auditorium, Atlanta (Emory University), San Diego (Museum of Contemporary Art), Seattle (University of Washington- HUB Auditorium), San Francisco (Palace of Fine Art), Los Angles (UCLA Wadsworth Theater), Portland (Scottish Rite Center),
Vancouver (Centennial Theatre), Toronto (Seneca College),
Montreal (Dalle Brebouf College)

Later The Albums Tale of Love I & II released from these performances.

 1998 (Sep-Oct)

[Album Released]: Tale of Love (Medley

[Festival]: Women In Traditions, invited by MultiCulti inc.
London (Queen Elizabeth Hall), with Hossein Omoumi (Ney) & Saam (Daf)


[Festival]: e Festival de L´ Été à Bourges, France
Invited for an event entitled: "Nuit des Voix de Femme".


[Concert]: Royal Festival Hall II, London
with Hossein Omoumi (Ney), Saam (Daf)


[Concert]: Théâtre de la Ville, Paris
with Hossein Omoumi (Ney), Saam (Daf)


[Concerts]:  Salle Oliver Messiaen & Radio Denmark
Invited by Radio France.
with Hossein Omoumi (Ney), Saam (Daf)

The Disc "Tale of Love" release from these performances later.


[Festival]: Festival des Voix Sacreés, France
Three vocalists invited to represent the vocal tradition of their respective religions: Jewish, Christian and Islamic, at "l´Arsenal de Metz".


[Album Released]: Baz Amadam

Series of concerts in England, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands after 15 years silence.


Unable to publicly performed after the Iranian revolution. Devoted this time to research and teaching the vocal Radif Contributed to the publication "The Art of Persian Music", by Jean During and published by Mage publications, and the accompanying CD: "The Anthology of Persian Music"


[Concerts]:  Invited to attend the "Asian Traditional Performing Arts Festival" in Japan under the auspices of Japan Foundation. The main emphasis was placed on the vocal music of Burma, India, Iran, Mongolia and Japan. The official reports of the series of seminars and workshops has been documented in a book entitled: "Musical Voices of Asia" published by the Japan Foundation (1980), and eleven 16mm movies, an album of three LP records, and an accompanying CD entitled "Classical Vocal Art of Persian" were also produced from this event.

 1975 , 1976 , 1977

[Concerts]:  The Shiraz Arts Festival, performing some of the most groundbreaking and memorable concerts along with important young musicians at the time.


Vocalist and instructor at the Center for Preservation and Propagation of Iranian Music. Published numerous recordings by CBS Records.


[Concerts]:  40 concerts in 40 cities in France to introduce the art of Persian Classical Music.


Vocalist in the Ministry of Arts and Culture, performing throughout Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.